About us

2H represented by Mr. Hadi Hazimeh

2H is a commercial establishment registered in the trade registry
2H is a brand registered in the Ministry of Economy 
2H is an ancient name, a high quality of men's fashion, because we love excellence. You always find the best and most beautiful in us. The trade began in its beginnings in a small shop selling ready-made clothes, and then developed to expand its business into several branches and its assortment consists of clothes manufactured specifically for it.


Enterprise clients:
- The clients of 2H Corporation are lawyers, doctors, engineers, bank employees, public and private institutions who always strive to wear the best and most elegant of formal suits, and every young man who wants to wear comfortable everyday clothes finds his requirements in 2H Corporation. And it pledges to partner with many embassies in Lebanon, especially since many of the male  broadcasters on the Lebanese channels choose for their media looks from the distinctive 2H lineup such as TV within contracts concluded within an annual or monthly schedule with the institution.
She also participated in many international exhibitions. She participates in presenting clothes to many celebrities in some series and video clips

Enterprise product:
2H Corporation produces men's clothing and shoes: formal suits, casual chic suits, coats, shirts, T-shirts, jeans, casual and classic shoes, and accessories. It also manufactures its collection in Turkey and Lebanon Egypt and china from materials imported from Switzerland and Italy. It also guarantees quality and competition over the quality of its clothes and guarantees the provision of clothes on special demand for large companies in a special manufacturing if requested because it has the ability to manufacture its own and because its goods are private and not found in ready markets.


Work characteristics:
- It imports raw materials from which clothes and shoes are made from different sources: Turkey, Italy, and Switzerland.
- The institution always notes the need to obtain the finest types of fabrics and leather from which clothes and shoes are made, always to satisfy different tastes and take into account modernity in the manufacture of products.
2H Foundation strives to keep pace with the latest fashion trends in the world.
2H uses ecological fabrics to make its clothes.
- Organic cotton is also used. Shoes are made of natural leather, which does not consist of petroleum derivatives or non-biodegradable materials.